We offer one-on-one, personalized instruction to help you become a better photographer and/or film maker/videographer. 

If you struggle with or would like to become better at composition, lighting, depth of field, action, landscape/wildlife/nature/macro photography, lines, textures, viewpoint/perspective, ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture/F-Stop, patterns and shapes or learn how to use the different settings on your camera or if you just want someone to show you around and help you find fun and interesting things to photograph/film - then our personalized instruction is the perfect fit for you.

Let us help you hone those skills that you are struggling with or simply want to become better at. Not only will you get to experience unique and fun environments to shoot in, but all instruction is hands on instruction that occurs in the field and not in a classroom.

Each individual session is tailored to what you want to do and learn.

Session Length and Cost:

4 Hours - $300.00

6 Hours - $360.00

Full Day - $400.00 (10 hours)

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