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Celebrating Life Magazine

2018 Spring Issue

A magazine dedicated to sharing uplifting and inspiring photos, quotes, stories and humor, photography helps and hints, notes and observations from Yellowstone National Park, Montana and  around the World; to seeing and celebrating life.  We hope to help others to not only enjoy, but to truly see the beauty of this place we call ‘Home’.

Celebrating Life magazine is published five (5) times per year.

1 Year Subscription        $28.00

2  Year Subscription       $50.00

Single Issue                     $10.00

Take advantage of our March Madness promotion.  Purchase a one year subscription for $28.00 and give as many gift subscriptions as you want at only $20.00 per subscription!  Don't wait, as this deal won't be around for long.  Please contact me for more details.

To subscribe or read some of the sample pages from the Spring and Summer editions, click on the photo.


I sat down to read the latest issue of Celebrating Life and before I knew it, I had read it from cover to cover.  I couldn't put it down.  It was very inspiring and uplifting.  I also learned a lot about birds and foxes that I had never known before.  Ros B.

I love your magazine.  No matter how I feel before I read it, I always feel much better after reading it.  Thank you for sharing your talents.  I love Celebrating Life!  Jan C.

It's a great magazine.  I love it!  Judy L.

What a wonderful magazine.  The photos and articles are amazing.  We love our subscription and are so glad that we found this magazine.  Susan D.

What a wonderful magazine.  The quotes, stories and messages are very inspired and uplifting.  The photos are fantastic.  It's what the world needs more of today.  Rob H.

I know that whenever I'm having a bad day, the cure for it is to sit down and read or re-read an issue of Celebrating Life or just look at all the outstanding photographs.  Thank you for this wonderful magazine.  Pat S.

I love her calendar and her magazine. I have ordered them for my family members and will again. Thank you for sharing your talent with us all.  Peggy H.

B Wood Photography captures the essence of Montana in a way that draws a person into it's wild natural beauty. The photos, magazine and videos are of the highest quality and are pleasing to the eye, gladdening to the heart, and uplifting to the soul.  Dixie L.

What a great magazine!  We're so glad that we found it.  The photographs are stunning and the articles are wonderful.  Some of them need a little more polish, but they are inspiring.  Keep up the good work.  The world desperately needs the messages that this magazine promotes.  Peter K.

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